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We Specialize In SEO Keyword Research Services For All Kind Of Businesses And Web Professionals. We Help Businesses To Grow In Google SERP 1st Page.

Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of hunting words and phrases that people use while they are searching in different search engines such as Google, Bing and YouTube etc.

Once you’ve done keyword research, you can write, produce and optimize product pages, blog posts and web pages that specifically target those keywords and phrases people researched.

The objective is to get ranked high in Google Top Search Results and get more clicks to your targeted pages.

Why Keyword Research is So Important for SEO?

Keyword Research Is Always The 1st Step In The Seo Process. Marketers Should Think Of It On The Same Level As Market Research When It Comes To Optimizing Sites. As A Part Of Your Planning, It’s Always A Good Idea To Look At What Competitors In The Industry Are Analyzing Keywords On Their Site. 

If You Think You Need To Update Your Content, Redesign Your Website Or Want To Talk More About Our Keyword Research Services, Lets Chat! Our Skilled Keyword Researchers Would Be Happy To Help You.

SEO Keywords Importance

Our Keyword Research Process

Step 1

First Of All, You Will Describe Your Business, Product Or Services In Details With A Main Keyword. Also, Share One Of Your Competitors And Targeted Country.

Step 2

We’ll Find Best Keywords With Low Difficulty And High Volume Related To Your Business, Products, Services, and Blog.

With These Keywords, You Can Easily Rank On The Top 10 SERP And Will Get More Leads.

Step 3

We’ll Provide You Keywords Related To Your Main Keyword With Competitors’ Analytics, Estimated Monthly Traffic Volume In Excel Sheet.

What Will You Get With This Service?

  • Average Monthly Searches For Each Keyword
  • How Easy It Is To Rank For
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Organic Clicks Percentage 
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) If You Were To Pay For Google Ads
  • Parent And Child Words For An Extra Boost
  • Search Term Analysis Of Your Competitors
  • All The Data In Easy To Understand Format
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Pricing Plan

Select From The Plan Below To Get The Best Keyword Research Services.

1 x Keyword Research

1 Competitor Analyses
$ 60
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 2-days Turnaround Time

3 x Keyword Research

3 Competitor Analyses
$ 170
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 4-days Turnaround Time

5 x Keyword Research

5 Competitor Analyses
$ 250
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 4-days Turnaround Time

10 x Keyword Research

10 Competitor Analyses
$ 450
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 7-days Turnaround Time

15 x Keyword Research

15 Competitor Analyses
$ 650
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 10-days Turnaround Time

20 x Keyword Research

20 Competitor Analyses
$ 800
  • Keyword Report
  • Estimated Traffic Report
  • 12-days Turnaround Time